Reconnect Your Phone Fantasy


There are some magical words that don’t always seamlessly translate from one language to another easily but part of their spell lies in trying to express the same meaning as closely as possible even if that means it takes more than just one word or phrase to adequately conjure its definition effectively. Retrouvailles (noun -French) is just such a word. To sum it up as best I can, it is the ineffable moment you reconnect to someone special after a long time. Its root is “retrouver, which is “to find something again.” These moments of reunion make you feel a special mind meld with another no matter how much time has elapsed between connecting with each other. The phone is also a lifeline that can keep you in touch with your sexual fantasy.

I have experienced retrouvailles with my subbie pets, lovers and other people I’ve connected closely to like friends or family. We may not talk often but when we do, no matter how long a span of time, it’s just like falling into step without losing the beat of each other’s rhythm. It’s like you can transcend time and the huge gulf of distance in mere moments.

Your Phone Fantasy

I personally feel this term can also applied to how we reconnect to ourselves as well. Perhaps there are some parts of our spirit, psyche or subconscious even that we hide away for a while and then, when we feel it is safe to, we can reconnect to these treasured little aspects of ourselves when we truly desire to. Just like writing a bike or whistling along to a seemingly forgotten tune to a song you loved in high school, you sync back up into yourself and transform. Sometimes your sexy side or/or sissy-self can be like that as well.

So tell me, when was the last time you let yourself feel that other side of yourself? Your sexual fantasy or your sissified self or maybe both? No time like the present to reconnect. 😉