Chastity Challenge


If you enjoy the delicate art of chastity and caged cock, this is a sample that can be personally customized.

It’s imperative you have received the proper training from LDW academy of cock control before auditioning.

So if you are looking for a mistress led fem dom chastity challenge, you’ve found it. Again, this is for long term extended orgasm denial and seasoned chastity strapped gentlemen only…

Chastity Chart Star Board Challenge

Points to be collected with the prior decided days, weeks, months while in chastity.

During this preset duration a total of 80 points must be earned to get a timed “break” from the belt.

Each action below earns you 10 stars.


1.       Emailing me a status update in your Chastity progression at least once a week.

2.       Getting on cam/sending a pic  of you caged up (face may be out of shot if you prefer).

3.       Sharing a link to a story/porno/article/picture(s) that turn you on to be discussed and utilized in a Mistress tease session.

4.       Sending me poems, songs, sweet little notes throughout the week randomly.

5.       Following the set schedule that we predetermine for chastity belt cleaning and if applicable only  doing so on cam to prove you aren’t servicing yourself.

6.       Remembering the proper title when speaking to me, greeting me as instructed and awaiting for permission to remove belt/be dismissed.

7.       Answering the mistress questionnaire I provide for you and filling it out and emailing the answers to me.

8.       Responding to blog posts and keeping up with my adventures on

9.       Remembering to thank me after each call for my time and  effort.

10.   Complying with tease and denial session rules without excessive hesitations.

11.   Showing proper enthusiasm for any rewards I choose to bestow upon you.

12.   Refraining from excessive whining, begging, and complaining for release.

13.   Giving me honest feedback on the links to articles and research I send you in your Chastity Packet.

14.   Thinking of creative ways to make me smile/satisfy me during sessions.

15. Letting me take pleasure and amusement in your efforts and struggles while not being disgruntled. 🙂

*You may choose to double down with a dice game to either loose or gain the total of points received.*


Having to be reprimanding and or repeatedly reminded to adhere to the pre-established rules of the game will cost you stars for the following infractions and may even lead to more time added to the length of chastity lock-up time. Each penalty is a reduction of 10 stars per offense and receiving more than 20 will result in more time without sexual release:

1.       Unauthorized removal of belt under unnecessary circumstances (any reason other than a dire emergency/medical issues/cleaning).

2.       Fondling/attempting to get sexual pleasure during the allotted breaks of wear.

3.       Continued begging/chronic complaining for orgasm after being repeatedly reprimanded.

For more details you know where to reach me…

Mistress Kisses and Winsome Wishes,

~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~