…Spring Peepers

Spring Peepers and Creepers


Ah it’s that time of year again. Spring fever is raging hard & florid as women emerge from their coat-clad cocoons. And so it begins… the ogling eyes, stolen glances  and chorus of singing catcalls. The ritualized overtures of mating flirtations never cease to amuse me. The honks of horny motorists, and eager-eyed  smoldering stares blare everywhere.

While partaking of a long drag from my water bottle in a lotus yoga tank and workout pants -more sensible than sexy. I couldn’t help but to notice the leers and jeers of the surrounding menfolk on the roadside walking path.

Take A Hike Buddy You’re Going Down the Wrong Trail

So long as a guy is respectful I don’t mind the wandering eye of wistful longing and “looking good” affirmations spouting from every Tom, Dick, and Harry and I let it slide in that case  but sometimes a line is crossed.

Reproach of the Wrong Approach 

While gassing up my car I had a guy with the audacity to actually sneak up behind me and say, “I would love to fill up your tank babe.”   After a 2 1/2 hour powerwalk, feeling all hot (and bothered and not in a sexy way), I was in no mood for dealing with this creep today. Little did he know an inner hellcat lies under the disguise of my sweet kitten-cuteness.

So a little sly threat of public humiliation was in order. This is where my assertive mistress is stirred and awoken and is yet another gleaming example of  the perks of being a professional femdomme. I can go from sweet to severe a  mere second.

Even though I was burning with indignation, I kept my exterior cool, calm and collected composure. This was a classic “teachable moment,” an impromptu opportunity to train some manners into the Neanderthal.

Making Him Pay & A Little Joke At His Expense

Turning on an Oscar worthy performance, I sweetly proclaimed for all to hear, “Did you hear that everyone??? This fine gentlemen just offered to pay for a full tank of gas for me because I forgot my wallet”.

Now of course I hadn’t and we both knew it but that didn’t matter this was his fee for bugging me an asshole tax shall we say.

The look of utter stupefied confusion almost made me crack a smirk as the surrounding people all looked up and smiled. Some even clapped. Gone was his cocky slime ball grin. He was blathering incoherently and essentially trapped.  Clearly he wasn’t creative and cunning enough to figure out how to slink out of his prick-fueled predicament without looking like the sleazy perv he was and admitting to his tragically pathetic attempt at a  pick-up line.

And so, he relented. As if resigned from the trance of my intense you-better-right-your-wrong glare, he did in fact do just that. He filled my gas-tank -harangued into it. I made damn sure it was top grade too. We both knew this was the closest he’d ever get to taking a ride with me.

Lesson Learned the Hard Way

I triumphantly drove away on his dime. I think it’s safe to say he won’t ever again say anything like that & hopefully instead treat a lady with the proper respect.


 So for you, my little spring peepers learn from the mistakes of others and always be polite. 😉

*Are you a humiliation slut? If so what is your brand of humiliation? Have you ever been schooled and owned by a mistress publically or otherwise? Did you bring out the inner mean mistress inside of her. Provoking the fem-domme dragon? How were you disciplined? Confess it all to me for my amusement. 😉