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Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso

Sissy Fashion Color Confection

Color Therapy is a wonderful way to connect to the emotive energy you wish to attract and emanate into your world. When dressing up, think of this as a simple daily ritual to meditate on. Imagine all the elements you want to capture and exude. Use the full spectrum of the rainbow in your sissy fashion.

Color Communication

They communicate a myriad of signals. Street lights of Red, Green, and Yellow. The colors of a state flag, Pink ribbons of awareness and support. This is all just the tip of the color wheel. In the nature world, colors can be indicative of danger like warning labels, used as ways to attract a mate, utilized for camouflaging, or spotlighting. And, even at times it can change with chameleon-like grace.

Trademark Signature Colors

The use of colors has a way of creating a trademark signature into the collective consciousness. All the  while, it still can hold different personal meanings, memories, and effects. Color blending for maximum impact on mood is highly personalized. It is more of an art than a science, although, some seem to evoke universally synonymous effects and leave an imprint of calming or energizing influences as well as everything in between.

It can be fun to contemplate the role color meditation can have on our general sense of well-being. Like Dorothy emerging into the Technicolor brilliance of Oz leaving behind the bland corn fields of Kansas, to the stark contrasts of edgy pulp film noirs, we have a subliminal reaction to color combinations that we can take charge of.

Sissy School

I was just having a conversation with one of my pets  (that recently discovered the joys of en femme from our Sissy School Circuit) about how this all relates to the joys of feminization. Society seemingly gave males the neutral small box of crayons while women have the huge super pack of the ravishing rainbow. However, in nature, the reverse in often true as many males take the lead as far as showing off their tail feathers of vibrancy.

 So why not claim all the colors?

Shimmery Princess Pink, Ravishing Red Rose, & Languid Lavender! Play with them all and dress to impress in whatever suits your fancy! There is no reason to limit your palette to paltry monochromatic monotony. In my next post I will go into detail about color play, incorporating complementary colors of your choice to flatter every complexion, chakra corresponding colors and setting the mood for going out crossdressed or just dolling up for yourself at home. Everyday can be made a special occasion worthy of dressing-up for 😉

Stay tuned my lovelies!


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