Sexual Goals 2018

A recent emailed question: “What are your sexual goals for 2018?”



Full On-Free Wheeling

I guess I aspire to be a freestyle fetishist. Like a butterfly I want to alight from one flight of fancy to the next without getting bogged down with labels.  I plan to keep on compiling what I hope is a gonzo-type blogsphere of kink-edelic  fuckery. My main goal is just to “take the ride”  wholeheartedly with an open mind and an insatiable lust for life; Just to keep on skipping along my merry path of quim-sical adventures.

More than the Sum of Our Parts

Sometimes the fact that there are so many definitions of gender, sexuality, and the roles they play in life it can be flustering. I don’t pretend to know all the different terms or grasp an understanding of all the different genres of genders but I can say this: I try to stay informed and inclusive to all sexualities and gender identities so long as it’s within the standard 18 and over ONLY, safe and consensual play practices. What defines us doesn’t have to confine and divide us.  I realize that goal and answer may sound nebulous ….BUT FUCK IT that’s how I feel today hehehee