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Sex Magic: Stay for a Spell at the Haunted Hotel

I can tell the instant you arrived at my door. #13 on the 13th floor. You are dazed, but not worse for wear after all your erotic adventures. Obviously, you are surprised at the incomprehensible compulsion you felt. That very impetus that caused you to enter my suite seemingly uninvited and unannounced. And yet here you are standing in awe at my rather unadorned countenance, clothed only in shards of shadows dancing along the fireplace and a diaphanous sheath dress.  I am un-surprised and amused, as the mischievous glint in my glance makes clear. My sex magic is already working!

Not what you expect…

Expecting something a bit more obvious, huh? Pointy hats, hackled black cats; or eye of newt, hair of dog, mixed with peat moss from a bog? No, there is none of that here, and the only brew to speak of is hibiscus tea with rosehips and sarsaparilla with a hint of vanilla. Those are mildly aphrodisiacal, but nothing different than recipes out of an ordinary herbalist handbook.


You see, nothing other than yourself and an enchantress guide is needed in magical masturbatory manifestations. One can harness power of sexual energy and edging the way windmills catch the air. Even a mere spark of sensual desire can set off an internal fire. Charged-up, hungry and so very ready to explode with orgasmic release, one might be tempted to give in, but where is the fun in that?


You must be denied, my pretty little pet, for I want to feed off that energy as it radiates from your core. No ancient incantations are required, just the swell of my breasts and the soft jutting angle of my hips cast you completely under my control. You are bound and wrapped up in need. Drowning in my oceanic blue, mesmerizing eyes and sweet but sadistic smirk.


That’s right, just relax and let me drink of all your lively passion with that warmth seeping into my being and giving me even more strength. I could slowly suck you dry energetically as a seductive succubus, however I know the time draws near for you to go forth deeper in the darkness that awaits you. My toy can’t be played with too roughly, otherwise I cannot summon you back when I crave your taste again. So I  grant you permission to gradually fade out into a trance while feeling the aching stirrings of unfathomable need. Sleep now and see what is to befall you next…. with  alluring Addison’s Edition


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