Sweet Seduction with a Li’l Bit of a Bite

Fiona (17)

I am a femme dom of many colors but primarily I’m a sensual seductress. I find you catch more subbies with honey than vinegar and it makes me more at ease to not have to micromanage constantly. Now this isn’t to say I am a pushover unable to put you in your place beneath my feet, it just means I am secure enough in my power to know a whisper is just as convincing and unquestionable as a command roared out. Sure I am strict and stern at times to keep you firmly in place but I rather you want to please me out of desire not fear. For positive reinforcement is so much more persuasive than excessive punishment. (Although spanking and the like definitely has it’s place in my many talents as well). Dominants and submissives need trust and communication which are important to cultivate and  is why I prefer to get to know you before going full-on hardcore. I guess the best way to describe my style as an enchantrix is just to plainly state that I’m  a  natural cocktease.   My intention is to have you so well trained that I can have you so wrapped around my finger & effortlessly use you to my desires as I see fit. You *will* cling to my every word even it’s a whisper more than a bark shouted out. Yes pet, you will be powerless and rendered docile by my soft incantations spun out like silk as they caressing your ears with an ease that will lull you into the depths of desire.

Just you wait, if need be I will retrain you to understand my unique approach even if at first you seem unaware of how I am rewiring you on the sly. Soon my sway will hold you right where I want you.