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Girl Crush Sensual Domina Part 2


Girl Crush Sensual Domina Part 2

Did you guess who that sensual domina Girl Crush of mine is yet? It’s Mortica Addams! Goth Glam and yet cheerful and warm who wouldn’t love her?  The mystique of Mortica is so on par with the sensual domina’s playbook it’s irrefutable. Let’s check out all . . . → Read More: Girl Crush Sensual Domina Part 2

Sensual Domina Dame Girl Crush


Merry Mistress of Macabre


Today’s Girl Crush is hard to synopsize for the simple fact that she has been a fictionalized character personified by different incarnations. I think they each are equally sexy and embody admiral attributes. Her origins are rooted in reality but her style has become legendary. To me, she is the ultimate essence . . . → Read More: Sensual Domina Dame Girl Crush

Sense and Sensuality


Why work for “the man” when you can dominate and deny him instead? 😉

Sometimes the softer side of domination has a way of hitting you the hardest. Sensual and oh so and sweet like honey that sticks right to you. This is a real specialty of mine since I love the . . . → Read More: Sense and Sensuality

Playing Trix

A Field Guide to the Enchantrix Empire


Enchantrix: noun

(singular and plural form)   enchantrices/enchantrixes (other plural forms)

Refers to any or all the lovely LDW ladies that are mistresses w/ magical tricks to tantalize and torture any and all your cock’s desires. Part enchantress, part siren seductress, they are sorceresses of sensuality.  They can be any or . . . → Read More: Playing Trix

Sensual Surrender

Sweet Seduction with a Li’l Bit of a Bite

I am a femme dom of many colors but primarily I’m a sensual seductress. I find you catch more subbies with honey than vinegar and it makes me more at ease to not have to micromanage constantly. Now this isn’t to say I . . . → Read More: Sensual Surrender