Spider Woman Sensual Meditation

Sensual Meditation

Imagine you are floating and flying free and unencumbered. So light and liberated you barely are aware of the force of gravity.


Suddenly you feel bound and disoriented. Unaware of where the horizon is you seem stuck in a tailspin hurdling free fall style when suddenly you snap back in the opposite direction. Caught, entrapped by the binds of delicate but sinewy strong bonds. You struggle to free yourself from your enmeshed state but each jerked movement results in less mobility.

False Comfort of Feeling Cocooned but  Captured

Finally out of breath and drowsy you give in and surrender to the talon like grip of the silky strands. When you awake from a deep slumber you find yourself wrapped tightly and securely. Feeling the vibrations pulse through the network of cable like ropes you sense a presence emerging from the dark. You see the silhouette of your long lean mistress as she gazes upon your shackled body. Her eyes glint and gleam with an insatiable sexual hunger and you want nothing more than to be consumed by her rapture and thirst for her touch. No more craven attempts at escape, you want nothing more than to stare into her mesmerizing beauty as you contemplate her next deft movements. It’s as though the ties that bind are not so much corporeal as they are mental. She has entranced your mind and you want no release but to stay firmly held in her tenacious clutches. She is your mistress Fiona and she will haunt your dreams and thoughts henceforth much to your surprised elation.  Surrender to her all encompassing grasp.


 Tell me what is the best way to catch you? Everyone has urges and desires to exploit and it will be all the easier on you to fess up now before I am forced to tease it out of you….

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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