Mistress Myth-Busting

Mistress Myth-Busting

Myth vs. Reality

I love to combat misconceptions and answer questions about being a Mistress, phone sex, and the Enchantrix Empire. I recently have been Mistress myth-busting assumptions in emails and Skype and thought it would be wise to post some of the common ones on my blog as well. So, let me be your Mistress of Myth-Busting Minx today! 


Myth: Subbies are all small cocked.
Reality Myth-Busted: ​Nope! While I do have many that possess pin dicks, not all submissives have small cocks​. Some may even present as alphas in their day-to-day lives or if their Femdom permits them to act as switches.
I have a sweet subbie slut pup who has a huge, thick, girth-y cock and knows just how to use it while staying hard for hours upon hours.  Some men just crave cock control and to worship a woman like the  Goddess she is. Big cocked subbies tend to be quietly confident and have big-dick energy even when they are kneeling for their Mistress.

Not Just Sex Mistress Myth-Busting

Myth: Those who identify as Aces/Assexuality or on the spectrum of it (like Gray sexuality or demisexuality) don’t enjoy calling the line or have no interest in doing so.
Reality: The Enchantrix Empire isn’t just about Femdoming and phone sex, we also do platonic conversation. I have callers that call just to talk to me about the newest Zelda game to tell me about the newest Stephan King novel they are reading. Callers and I bond and connect over many different topics. One of my callers even loves to share their newest mycology acquisitions from their latest mushroom exhibitions. Not all calls are sexual in nature nor do they have to be to have fun.  I have another caller who enjoys streaming movies with me and we do our own Mystery Science Theater style commentary. 

Femdoming by Phone

Myth: Femdoming on the line  is just a phone gig 
Reality: While some Femdoms like myself make a career out of domination, it’s also a lifestyle and I love tending to all my special pets. It’s something I do personally and professionally. In real life and on the phone. Of course, I don’t intermingle the two and only distant-dominate with my callers that I know from the line (because of terms of service and safety) but that is actually my favorite type of domination because I have to commit to a deeper level of mental control and the scene is as limitless as our imaginations. I have had other careers as well  and enjoy volunteering as a crisis counselor, working with my local SPCA and design jewelry for fun but femdoming is very much a part of who I am and I feel lucky I am able to pursue my passion everyday.


Myth: If an Enchantrix isn’t logged in to her Skype account, she must not be able to get on for a session.
Reality Myth-Busted: Skype is great! Being logged into it when not using it in a session however, slows down my browser if I just run it in the background. Don’t worry though! If you want to know if I am available to pop on and I’m logged in the main sites, that typically means I am available on Skype. Just shoot me an email. Emailing is generally a great way to get a hold of me.  Also, I am flexible schedule-wise. So, if you aren’t catching me when I’m logged in to the sites, you can email me to set up an appointment. Even at a time that I may not typically be on. 😉

Phone Home 

Myth: Phone sex only happens in a call center.
Reality: While some phone sex may happen in a call center and I’ll think this was more common before remote-working, the internet and cell phones, but at least in the Empire, we are taking calls at our own places. That’s a big draw for me since I don’t have to commute, am often in my leggings and bra only and can be in my own little sanctuary where I can focus solely on my caller pets. Phone sex has changed with the times and is more convenient than ever before. Have any more questions or myths that need busting?  Email me!