The Tantric Trail Of Mandala Meditation

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is Sanskrit for “circle.” It is a meditative tool and ritualized art form that is symbolic of the world and everything within it. It’s the merging of geometry, visual creative expression and mindful contemplation in sacred unity according to the Hindu and Buddhist teachings.  In tantric philosophy it is believed that there is an energy that vibrates in rhythmic music between the earthy and divine planes.  This sacred circle of energy became known as the “mandala”.

Polarities Represented As Separate Parts In The Same Whole

One of the most well known magic circle mandalas is the Tao mandala ying and yang symbolizing the balance between the masculine and the feminine sides of energy; the dark half, Ying, is the feminine principle while the white half,  while Yang, is thought to be the masculine corresponding half. Tao followers use this mandala as a symbol of the “perfect road” and path to enlightenment.

These polarities of feminine and masculine energies can be within. It needs not be expressed by the two genders but by tapping  into your feminine and masculine divinity.

Mandala Meditative Erotica

 How Can Mandalas Aid You In Relaxation, Masturbation Trance and Erotic Connection?

-Focus from the outer points inwards towards the nucleus center in much the same way the a-mazing labyrinth can be used as a focal exercise  to find oneself and help clear inner confusion and chakra blocks. Like the chastity labyrinth, it’s the journey itself not the destination of orgasm that is central to sex with ourselves or others.  Releasing the expectation makes it  easier to attain ironically when free of the cage. The key however is already there within yourself.

Your Tool Box To Manifesting Mandalas:

Kaleidoscopic Mandala Meditation

Coloring Mandalas for Meditation which is a great form of color therapy

Other Ideas To Try:

-Seek Circles Everywhere: Think about circles in everyday life and symbols: Clocks (time itself), the Earth and it’s orbit around the Sun, Rings,  the Ouroboros.

-Listen To Relaxing Music On a Loop

-Chart The Flow of Thoughts In Your Journal

-To Keep Your Third Eye Open and Sharp These Meditations Are Best Performed Before Bed At the Close of Day Or Right After You Wake Up To Start Your Morning.

-Exercise mandala usage especially before and  after erotic activities. The energy exchange cycle of sex is also a way to express these same principles during the act itself.

I would love to hear about your adventures. Please feel free to share below in comments!