My Cock Countdown Winner is…*drum roll*…




JB is one of my beloved panty pets and a masterful stroker. I had many impressive entries but he out paced everyone else that applied.


JB lets me dress him up in frilly panties and we often shop online together for satiny, sleek and silky lingerie. I had him buy lovely hose from so we now have a matching pair. A cute camisole & culottes set is next on our sexy shopping list. –I’m thinking something lacey with a contrasting applique embroidered would be tres elegant. Remember, as always a smooth gusset is essential for abrasion free stroke sessions pets!


He often puts on fashion shows for me and shows off his cute backside clad in fabric finery from Dillard’s. The scrumptious material gleams from the computer’s cam and looks so sensual and snug. He has many styles and an array of colors: violet, to bright red, beige, black lace with bows and beyond. (In fact, he told me the violet pair was an ode to the beauteous Ms. Violet and the red was a homage to the lovely Ms. Scarlet).


We often do tease and delay relays in which he shows off for me with his toys. My fave is his pink vibrating “magic” wand that makes him coo in the cutest way.


I was so impressed with his longevity from our skyping sessions that I just knew he was disciplined and experienced enough to be a serious contender so I urged him to try out. Sure enough, his dedicated and sensual edging propelled him with supreme stamina and he coasted the crest of orgasm beautifully.


Congrats! I look forward to hosting many more fun contests and Countdowns in the future.


So tell me what your goals are for this New Year, my dear readers? I had several callers tell me theirs already:

  • -Cum eating every last drop after cock suckle sessions
  • -Doubling the annual amount of cocks worshipped
  • -Calling more often for magical mistress sessions

What about you? Mine is to log in more time at LDW since I love being an Edging Enchantrix, & Cum Coach.  It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle fit for a queen.