When the Mistress is Away….

….The strokers cum out to play!!!


When the Mistress is away, I do so hope you all have been behaving in my absence lest you think you are off the hook when my attention is diverted. 😉 Although I do have it on good authority that at least the majority of you have been anxiously awaiting my return and not acting up too much.

Bored Stiff….

No, not your cocks awaiting my next post. I am the one in question that is actually bored. Without getting into all the tedious details, let me just update you with why I have been away as of late. My computer’s hard drive went soft so to speak. In my low-tech lingo that basically means it is in need of replacement. Currently, it’s shipped off to the company and I am stuck in a limbo until it arrives in hopefully fully-restored condition. So, I’m sort of on an accidental vacation that I didn’t plan.

In the interim I have to admit I feel amiss, restless and listless. Sure I have my trusty ol’ in-the-flesh pets to entertain me, but I miss dominating cross-country and cross-continental through LDW as well. As much as I love my little men minions and flock ‘o cocks that tend to orbit around me, it is dull without the added challenge of distance domming. When not fully engaged in both enterprises it makes me feel more than a little off. You see, it’s you, my dear callers that are the ones that I find to be the biggest glittery gems in my tiara as it takes a bit more mistress muscle to dominate without falling back on my in-person influential energy.

That’s right all you little cuckies,  sissies, chastity sluts and dick-wankers and SPH-lovers are way more fun to toy with as it  provides me with a whole different set of erotic exercises to keep me in tip-top shape

So what does this mean for you?

  • No skype currently on account of my loaner comp but soon it will be available again.
  • I am around all day Wednesday and Thursday
  • This Friday-Sunday I will be busy trying to reload my files and get back up to speed with my comp pending it’s arrival.
  • Monday -back in biz as usual (hopefully)

The Good news….

I have still been a busy little queen “B” HEEHEE and have oodles of salacious stories to share.

For upcoming posts I have info on my newly minted masochist/switch pet Xander. My foot slut’s adventure in being dominated and a great CEI-er dubbed “Celtic.”

Stay tuned cutie cum-quats. Your courtesan of cock is back on the clock taking calls & the devil-icious details will soon follow  😉

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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