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Wax Lyrical

Brighten Up

I just got back from the salon. My hair needed a few highlights to celebrate the brighter days ahead and warmer weather. Plus, I really wanted an extra voluminous pin-up look for my date tonight 😉 First though I have to share what I heard! All the ladies that work there are fully trained beauticians. They are highly specialized in not just hair but also make-up, nails, lash extensions, and waxing. So I wasn’t at all surprised when Karrie, the stylist with beautiful amethyst hued hair was doing the standard run down of their waxing services. She was explaining how long the process takes and what to expect etc.

Surprise Sissy?

What really got my attention though was the deep male voice. He was saying timidly that he wasn’t asking about services for his wife;  As he had apparently first claimed, but rather for himself he admitted sheepishly. He continued to confess as all the eager ears in the room perked up, that his wife made him come and demanded he get a full body wax from neck to ankle.

Salons and spas are more than just places to pamper, primp and beautify ourselves, it’s also a place to spill the tea, and get all the gossip  as we get our girly-girl on. So we all enjoyed getting a glimpse and sharing a secretive smile with each other.

Sissified Husband About to Bloom!

Karrie smiled broadly as she mentally registered his meaning and quickly amended the length of time the procedure in question. As Karrie readied the private spa room for his wax service, the man told the cute young receptionist, Lynn he also was supposed to inquire about mani-pedis. If he had enough time he was also expected to have his nails painted in the trendiest color of the season: ultra violet.

It seemed his wife was determined to sissify her husband this spring. I wish I had time to stick around for his bloomin’ transformation! Little do the girls there know, I’m also a femdom sissifier just like his wife!

My Favorite Ultra Violet from Etsy

My Favorite Ultra Violet from Etsy

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