Classic Vanilla  Sex Fantasy Doesn’t Lack for Flavorful Fulfillment

~Dedicated to My Sensual Sexy Partner On the Road -You know who you are!~


Vanilla with Va Va Voom: Even Kinky Mistresses can enjoy good old fashioned vanilla phone fun

So there you are, already slick with need… am I right? Lying in wait for my arrival, and sprawled out atop the bed. Almost as if summoned by the very thought of me, you hear my heels & the faint rasp of each eager step. You see my shadow cast under the door frame as it pauses briefly before entering. You know me well and grin to yourself knowing that I’m reapplying a little lip gloss on the sly in an attempt to look effortlessly refreshed.  Then I swing open the door and before I can even slide out of my aforementioned heels, you request me to leave them on knowing that kicking them off is my habitual tradition.

Getting naked

Your wicked grin matches my own as I make short work of shedding off my clothes. But when I get to the crimson laced bra and panties I stop watching you intently.  Theatrically, I saunter over to you mimicking a burlesque diva hugging my hips and curves to the bedpost in mock infatuation with an unseen audience.Until me eyes embrace yours & flicker over to meet those bright orbs  in a mutual captured gaze raw with heated desire. There is no longer anything mocking about my demeanor. I feel fuller, more complete, and more myself under your watch.


You pull me down to you. My warm body feels so silky smooth to your gentle touch. As you kiss me deeper, I feel your growing excitement beneath me. Curling up by your side, we are lying side-by-side in the classic spooning position. Your arms are banding around me and you tickle my shoulders with the slight stubble of your five-o-clock shadow. Manipulating my taut breasts in delicate circling motions & ringing your fingers back and forth, I follow your rhythmic code by answering with the rocking of my hips. My little ass is slowly bumping atop you and receding into the darkened sheets…….

Slipping out of your hands,  I turn to face you- tickling and flicking those adorable and sensitize little lopes, giving you perfect access to the curve of my neck which you then clamp firmly down on.

So hard

I make you shiver with ache and need as I gently rub the soft skin of those ears between my thumb and forefinger. This drives you wild and you take that gorgeous cock of yours, which unfailing brings me pleasure and you tease my clit by twirling it around my slit. You make me whimper and beg for you.  After what feels like an eternity, you relieve my tension by placing just the tip of your shaft’s head into me. You edge me like that savoring the feel of my squeezing grip. A  cresting wave of sensuality is washing over you and flowing into my tight little passage,  as that cock plummets deeper and faster, in long hard strokes.


You get thicker and longer as you feel my tightness pulling you farther into my depths. Feeling completely and utterly engulfed by ecstasy as you spurt and squirt into simultaneous orgasm with me. Shuddering a long, well-deserved release within my  lithe shadow bouncing above you. We collapse together and regain our breath, dizzy & delirious but so fulfilled with each other’s embrace, we are almost giddy, giggling at our mutual good fortune. I sprinkle kisses up and down your body as you stay inside me and tremor little quivers of  our afterglow.