Spring is coming

For my traveling companion -you make the journey more fun than any destination.

So I just got out of the shower and I pulled on that new hot coral ​floral lace two piece set I told you about. There are delicate, tiny ruffles flowing from the edge. My lavender sheets look even more stark against my hair darkened by the tendrils still gleaming with sleek wetness from the steamy streams of water. All I notice though is the emptiness inside me. Then I hear your voice resonate into the deepest parts of me and I feel myself unfolding, unfurling for you and I grow impatient -which is so uncharacteristic of me ;). I growl into your ear that I want to feel your fullness swelling and stretching me RIGHT NOW.
I slide atop you and rock myself slowly, easing the need of my flesh temporally by rubbing my juicy little nub in curlicue rotations. You have an ample view of my tight bust and catch sight of a rosy pink nipple winking out at you, an escapee from my lace entrapment. Knowing you are holding back I pout out my lower lip but then smile coyly knowing by that slight twitch and twinkle brightening up your expression, that you need release just as badly. I let a devious giggle ripple free from my lips and you take advantage of my near nudity. With just that slight veil of bra and panties, I am open and vulnerable to your tickling touch…

The Rest Is Confidential 😉

Let me know if that sparks any tingles. I can be your muse for guided masturbation, phone fantasies and fetishes, and your cock tease cum coach that will get you past the point of no return.  Confess and undress down to your naked desires.