Toys that will Make You Cream and Scream in 2018

Part 1 of 2

Let’s talk about all the newest innovations in erotic toys that will be sure to add a little flourish to your fun and fuckery.  Here’s to kicking off the New Year with erotic intrigue and a playful approach to pleasure.

All of these items can be found through an easy internet search using the product name.

Kinky Crackers

No, this isn’t Cracker Barrel’s naughty twin. Kinky Crackers is a new spin on the tradition of those fun surprise filled popping crackers. With a simple twist and *POP* you will be presented with a collection of erotic goodies sure to entice and delight you. You can choose from their various collections: Loaded Gun, High Roller, Burlesque, and Sensations. They all contain an excerpt on the site  which hint at what sort of prizes await inside.

Ettie Paddle

Heart-On Tough Love Paddle

This Cute but cut-throat little paddle from Agent Provocateur packs a punch in a pretty little heart shaped package. Mistress can pound away on her little pain-sluts for hours on end since the rounded shape is so comfortable on her knuckles.