For those of you who have grown bored with run of the mill cock teasing and require a harsher form of extreme edging, you have stumbled upon the right lady!

No matter how fervid your stroking becomes, you will not be permitted to cum without permission from your Mistress if and when she decides to bestow such an honor upon you. Those balls will feel ready to burst as your mushrooming shaft’s aperture start trickling with little droplets of desire. The pang of pain when you are told to resist the urge to continue will be immediate and palpitating as wave after wave of need consumes your cock.

Your prick is like a pole waving a white flag of defeat as you realize I am just getting started.
Shall I pass you off to another mistress in a pass the penis round of play? Or perhaps it’s time to outnumber you with another Enchantrix as we both make that prick twitch.

Maybe you should just be denied in totality with “your” cock under lock and key. Let’s be honest here it’s not really yours anymore is it? It my delectation to set ablaze with exquisite torment. Your thoughts have grown muddled and you strain not to explode. Will give in and be reduced to plaintive pleads for release. You may be surprised as you fail to recognize the sound and state of mind you have fallen into.  Shall I let you drown in the seismic spasms of rapture? Course not! I get off on denying that dick.