Make Yourself Useful

 Service submissives are a unique form of beta men that prove themselves to be somewhat helpful for a mistress to have at hand.

 How to tell if you are a service submissive CHECKLIST:

-You love making your mistress coo with pleasure in any way you can to compensate for your lack of endowment

-Your thoughtfulness is legendary among the women in your world

-You believe that it means more to show appreciation with actions as a means to prove what you say

The need to feel helpful and useful is of the utmost importance to you

-Inane tasks and monotonous menial work should be done by a man like you –not the Goddesses of LDW that are better suited to more important ventures.

-You never feel threaten but rather excited by the success of the ladies of your life

-You are a natural born pleaser submissive that lives to serve in any way possible

-You enjoy lavishing your mistress with all manner of pampering and decadence

-A smile that you have earned from your mistress is the most desired reward for your efforts.

-You wish to bestow attention and worship the female gender since you realize we are the Goddesses of your fantasies.

-You will be willing and thankful for CEI, cuckolding, and coerced bi, and/or dressing up  if it so pleases and amuses us even if you feel humiliated that we laugh at your expense. The only lip service from you should be oral servitude to us or our bulls.

If you answered, “yes Mistress” to the majority of the above questions you are a servicing submissive. Congratulations for this is a rare distinction in the BDSM world.  This means you may even be qualified to be of use to a rarefied Woman of exquisite quality and taste such as myself. For more information you may request an initiative collaring at


Special Thanks to Mistress Jenna and her post which inspired me:

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