What would you do if I could shrink you down? I know what I would do, make you my little plaything. This is especially thrilling aspect of this is I’m only 5’2” so I wonder how that might come into play when you see me for the first time as shrunk down and smaller than me for a change?
Would you hope to get to join me as I go about my day tethered in a special place in my purse or naughtier yet if you as even smaller still I could strap you betwixt my breasts by snuggly slipping you under the strap between my bra cups.

You would have to earn your keep of course either by pleasuring me with soft caresses throughout the day or at the very least be my ring and nail polish keeper. I bet those teeny tiny little hands would feel oh so good massaging my feet.

Bondage would be a breeze all I would need is one of the hair bands I put on my wrists around you to keep you exactly where I want you. What a little treasure you would be a real life mini man- doll  that’s beholden to me in a whole new way.

Of course the flip side is that you’d have to be incredibly careful to keep me content wouldn’t you? And those stilettoes would take on an almost sinister and foreboding presence wouldn’t they? Hee-hee. But don’t worry little pet, I’m sure you will do your very best to adhere to my whims won’t you?