The Sweet Thrill of Anticipation Part 2


May has brought us longer days, full green leaves on the trees and a warm whisper of summer on the soft breeze. Strappy heels and barely there denim shorts are almost at their peak season. All the while Ms. Becky has been powering through her workouts and while she always looks fabulous, she is in even more amazing shape!

We had a little girl time and talk and I gotta say, she’s going to be a real stunner in Vegas. I got a sneak peek and lemme tell ya, the pictures are going to be fabulous.

Becky, those Chuck Taylors sound totes adorbs and are the perfect way to give those sexy li’l footsies a bit of a break. Your blinged-up fancy Dolce Vita really let your creativity shine and love the Mary Jane heels at a slightly lower height so you have a spectrum to choose from day to night. Have you decided if you are taking those felt black heels as well for Saturday? Honestly, I over-pack so I’m not the best to advise anyone when it comes to what to bring, but I always like to have as many options as possible. That way you can sparkle it up an extra day or decide for a more casual chic look depending on your mood.

Don’t forget to check out babelicious Becky’s Blog Updates and scroll down to see the lovely outfits and lingerie for vamping it up in Vegas! Stay Tuned for more bodacious Becky adventures.


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