You say you want a challenge? Well hun, you got it! Now it’s not that I’m difficult to decipher though. I make my expectations crystal clear:

Earnest honesty will greatly please me but vague attempts at flirting and flattery that sound hollow and contrived are not of interest. I’ve heard it all before and seen more than most. Instead, get creative, & engage my mind. It’s an explosive orgasmic erogenous zone waiting to be fired up. So Show me in your own unique way something special that you could say or do that will make it worth the effort on my part. Surprise me. Are you really and truly a submissive? If so than no topping from the bottom dear.

If you say you are going to do something than do it! I like a man of his word.

I don’t require lavish gifts and such. I am thoroughly capable of taking care of my material needs and while the thought is greatly appreciated, what is more valuable to me is your devotion and attention since having a throng of subbies tickles the fancy of a mistress more than mere money ever could.

Confess to your Mistress! Yes, I most likely can tell what it is you are looking for but darling it’s not my duty to spell it out for you or play guessing games. Speak up like a big boy and admit your darkest desires. –If any match up with mine & seem mutually beneficial and intriguing I might even consider exploring them with you.

Still with me? Well then if you think you can handle the above give me a call and let’s chat. If not, that’s fine, but do please be considerate and step down as there are many men vying to fill your place. 😉