Cum Play With Us!

Pass the Penis

 It’s all fun and games until someone accidentally busts a nut & cums. Might that someone in question be you? We mistresses love nothing more than igniting and exciting that sparkle of need in you and then tossing you around from one to another while teasing, taunting and fanning that flame.  The slow build-up driving you mad and then bouncing you back and forth like a hot potato penis play thing. You’re in dick-deep by the time you realize every sexy swirl from one voice to the next has a unique ability to press a different one of your many buttons. Your balls are full and ache for release and the flurry of laughter makes the pressure compound.

Too much of a good thing converts your pleasure into pain as your over-stimulation consumes your cock completely!
How do you think you’d fare under our skillful edging? When will that twitch and deep internal itch win out and take you over in spasms of orgasms?

My fellow Enchantrix Vixens have been so fun to get to know and play with and I’m a firm believer in the more the merrier so why not let us have our way and play with as many of us as you think you can handle. Your moans of need and thirst for orgasm are so delish to my mistress ears. How many of us can you take in a row?

Think you got game? We shall see about that…

So devilish and delish!