Carnal-Ville Funhouse of Wonder

A-Mazing  Fun House

You stumble out completely gob-smacked and turned-on from https://thesexytruth.com/, the Mystical Mistress Meredith’s Dudgeon of Desire


You haven’t even regained your equilibrium when you catch a whiff of cotton candy freshly spun and buttery popcorn’s entwining aromas wafted through the autumnal air. You are dizzy from all the bright lights, and dazzling sights.

A slight chill took you by surprise, so on a whim decide to duck into the shelter of the next enclosed tent.

As you approach, a gorgeous young woman, smiling in what seems like inexplicable recognition, immediately captures your eye. You are certain you have never laid your gaze upon her though since there is no way you could forget such an angelic face bejeweled with bright sunny eyes. You note she has a bright flower behind her ear giving her a playful persona and ageless grace.

That glimmering glance leaves you in such a trance, so when she beckons you forward by crooking an index finger your way, you follow obediently without a moment’s hesitation. This sort of mental domination is so persuasive you feel like a puppet connected to her by invisible strings pulling you forward; Mind-bondage that is stronger than steel.

Once you follow her quick steps inside you are struck by the infinite images of her body illuminated before you from all sides in countless reflections that encircle the pathway ahead. It almost seems like some sort of magical, surrealistic painting come to life. Your rational mind tries to tell you it’s obviously because you are amidst some sort of funhouse and all those mirrors are the culprit causing those tangles & angles of that teasing temptress.

Being summoned almost as if by some unseen force, you are compelled to follow; Of course that very force most likely would be her magnetic motion, and striking countenance. You relish her long legs and those adorably dainty feet leading further down the narrow hall like a woodland sprite or naughty nymph. There is a growing feeling of intense urgency to catch up with her and worship those legs, so lean & lengthy like long-stemmed roses topped off with a magnificent bloom of a backside. She swaggers and shimmies that cute little ass. How you wish you could caress and squeeze those delicate, juicy curves.  You’d give anything to be her little  sex slave and honor that temple of a body in any way she so desired.

Somehow it seems the faster you walk toward her, the quicker she seems to get farther away down the labyrinth of mirrors. Your vision is somewhat blurred from the dazing effect of your own reflective shadows cast askew & seemingly everywhere around. Is your phantom of a reflection reaching her even before you are?  How could that be possible?

She eludes you at every turn as her sexy silhouette dashes around the tight curves twisting through the cavernous tent. You are feeling almost inebriated with her scent, & the sight of her long hair swaying above that behind.  The old-fashioned music seems to be mocking you as you flail in carousel-like circles in pursuit of the impossible…. and yet she is so tantalizing close to your grasp.

Then just as suddenly as she appeared she vanishes from sight. Where did she go and how did she get there? –That path is a deadend -at least it is for you.

After what feels like an eternity of endless hours you finally relent and leave. Were you there for mere seconds? Your mind isn’t fully aware of a concrete concept of time…Maybe she was an illusion born from too much stimulation, just a trick of the mind? Isn’t that the point of carnivals anyway? An otherworldly thrill?

As you exit, you see that familiar bright flower. You pick it up in sweet reverie and smile while placing it in your front pocket. Who knows?

You chuckle to yourself and think you’ve never experienced such an addictively fleeting encounter quite like that before. It’s as though she planted a seed of seduction inside & branded you with the flame of her flirtation. Maybe you will cross her path again sometime….;)



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