The Hot Spot and Mistress Fun Facts

The Hot Spot

I so enjoyed talking to the sensual duo Mistress Olivia and Mistress Erika on the weekly hot spot. We delved a bit into things that might surprise you about me and I mentioned my introversion but I got the thinking there is so much more you don’t know about me and one of my sissy pets pointed out I should share a little more.

Fun Mistress Facts

-Reading is one of my favorite escapes especially psychological thrillers and horror. In fact, I just finished Echo by Thomas Olde Heuvelt and am currently reading The Wakening by J.G. Faherty. I have loved horror for as long as I can remember. I’d borrow my older sibling’s compendium of Poe stories and Oscar Wilde’s The Portrait of Dorian Grey as well as a collection of Sherlock Holmes. I am open to any recommendations in literature especially horror.

My Menagerie

-I’m not a dog person or a cat person because I love BOTH! I have two kitties and a dog and they are all rescues. I consider them part of my family and am honored to be their caretakers. I also have a spider plant named Charlotte and an aloe plant named Al. I hope to plant some Echinacea in my yard this summer and managed to save a forsythia from a huge weed trying to strangle it this spring. It bloomed int beautiful yellow buds. I’m not against wild flowers or weeds but this one was destroying my forsythia bush so intervention felt necessary. 


-Hiking is a passion of mine. I loved climbing Old Rag, The Billy Goat Trail and Crab Tree Falls. I often am hiking in the Blue Ridge and around the Shenandoah Valley. Camping beach-side is also favorite of mine and Cape Henlopen is one of my favorite camping sites. One day I hope to live closer to the beach -no more than an hour away tops.

-Traveling is something I hope to do more of in the future. I’ve been to Ireland (Dublin and Cork) and Italy (Rome and Tivoli) as well as the south of France but I would love to go to New Zealand for the lovely landscapes and Alaska for the Aurora Borealis. I hope to see the Red woods next year on the West Coast.

New Pantie Pet

-Pantie Pets are magic! I have a new panty-pet named Diamond who I acquired a recently after I caught her trying on a pair of my panties. He’s now my panty-licker and tongue pre-cleaner in charge of then hand-washing and air-drying all my bras, lingerie sets and panties. He also must wear a pair of my choosing while he performs his duties as my pantie boy. -More on her later. 😉

Hosiery and Stockings

-Hosiery and stockings are so fun to play in! My favorite brand of hosiery is Peavey because they are so silky soft and strong. I have many pairs for the cooler autumn and winter months so I can still show off my legs no matter what the weather.

-My favorite cocktail is currently a whiskey sour and as far as nonalcoholic drinks go, I love ginger tea, strawberry lemonade and Arnold Palmer’s. -Cooking-wise I make a mean minestrone and Portabello pot roast and can bake blueberry lemon tarts and caramel Blondies. Nothing fancy but I can follow a recipe if I get hungry enough.

-During the pandemic i learned to embroider, needle-felt, make candles, lotion and soap, macrame, and basket-weave. I think I went a little stir-crazy but it was very productive. I made all my friends and family homemade gifts for Christmas 2000. 

-Do you have any fave shows to decompress to? My favorite show is currently Bob’s Burgers and it makes me laugh, comforts me and even makes for amazing white noise in which to fall asleep to. My favorite character is Kuchi Kopi (yes, even a nightlight counts as a character) and the titular Bob. It’s comfort food for the soul. 

-Bonus: The hottest pepper is the Carolina Reaper and I have tried it and the seeds fresh from a friend’s garden. It is amazingly potent and will clear your sinuses in 10 seconds flat. It also tastes amazing with mac ‘n cheese BTW. If you want an extreme kick to your cuisine, give it a try sometime.

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