Tickled And Teased

 Dom Play by Moonlight

Adventures in Lifestyle Domination

So it was time. It had been a while but what can I say. My friends talked me into it. I have several dominatrix friends and they finally got me into lifestyle domination They perform at a local speakeasy style club near the DC. While obviously, I am bound my confidentiality on details, I luckily can divulge that many unexpected politicos, local fixtures. At times, even celebs make their way to this little dungeon lair of dominatrix ladies. Those of you to whom I’ve spoken with know that I am more of a sensual tease not a hardcore dom. Although, I dressed the part of warrior princess sex goddess. That’s right the look was complete with custom made corset, inky black stilettos with saber-like heels. I maintained my rather demure style of tease and denial, sweet seduction and siren-like allure.

Hurt So Good

It was so exhilarating knowing I got to decide the pleasure/pain ratio to powerful men that are pillars of the community. It’s so intoxicating and addictive to be able to whip them on a whim and hear them shudder with ecstasy if I so grant it. I had one gentleman who looked dapper in a tie and blazer and had him strip down to his boxer briefs as I lead him around by his tie like a leash. I allowed him to pick his poison. He decided on tickle “torture”. Lucky for him –I had on my peacock earrings that dangle to my shoulders. I used his tie-leash as a blindfold.

Ecstasy and Agony

It was amazing how fast I shackled him to our personal suite’s bench and gave him full body tremors as he twitched and tensed under my teasing touches. But the time I was done he convulsed and begged for release; all just from strumming my feathers and fingers and playing him into an altered state of ecstasy and agony. Playful and potent –just like yours truly. Maybe I’m more lascivious than I give myself credit for. Watching him beg for more teetering on the edge I felt such a sense of divine power.  And I haven’t even yet gotten to the finishing touch…..

 What kind of touch do you crave and how many does it take to get your release if your mistress so decides to be benevolent?