To All My LDW Friends, Boy Toys, Pets and Subbies,Thank-You-Note


During this time of the year, I find myself reflecting on all I am grateful for. One major part of my life that I am deeply appreciative of is LDW. I feel so fortunate to be working as an Enchantrix Mistress. It has been a pleasure to get to know all of you and I have been so spoiled by virtual bouquets, gifts and flattering notes.  More than that even I enjoy my sessions and getting to know not just the voice but the person on the other side  of the line. I’ve learned so much about what it means to be a Mistress in the scant few months I’ve been here.



What amazes me most of all is how much more of a welcome challenge dominating from afar can be.  It keeps me on my high-heeled toes in a way in-person dominating never could. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy both experiences but ultimately I love the mental and emotional investment of a long distance bond that is  much more gratifying. I think this is because I must exude more energy and power than I ever did in person. When I am not present in the room with you, I must manifest my mistress magic and cast a more potent and powerful spell that reaches over the line/computer and still manages to rumble and shake-up your world.


It can be way too easy to let men be mesmerized by the trappings of all the latex and rubber, diva hair and theatric flair. Superficially they are stimulated so much I don’t have to venture further and delve deeper into their psyche.  Domming by distance and correspondence involves multiple layers of seduction. This has helped me hone my skills and sharpen my sex-kitten claws so to speak.


Special shout-out to all the Mistresses that have helped me along the way and continue to be wonderful resources and fun to get to know.

**Cheers and Here’s To Many More Adventures To Come.**