Tantric Masturbation

Part I

Tantric masturbation means slightly different things to different people. Interpretations vary as the techniques and practices have branched off from their root origins. This makes sense since it’s endured throughout the ongoing passage of time. A basic overview that most sources agree upon in a brief summation, is that there are Hindu sacred texts called “tantras.” These date back at least to the 7th century. This ancient collection of doctrines and principles use yoga, ritual, mantras and meditations. Many forms are practiced and adapted into different spiritual pathways in the modern day. Applying the adherence to some of these mystical teachings to the act of self love is basically what tantric masturbation is in a nutshell.

Trying Transformational Tantra While Teasing Your Cock

If you desire to explore the mindfulness and spiritual side of masturbation, tantra is a way to combine sexual pleasure and energy work together. You can experience and celebrate yourself and your connection to the universe while also getting off in the process. While tantra sex is not necessarily about the orgasm itself, but rather about harnessing sublime sexual energy, sensuality is thought of to be extra sensitized by practicing it -either solo or with a partner. Think of tantra as the journey and an orgasm is one possible destination. Your sexual energy is the fuel to awaken inner enlightenment. The act of awakening your ties to the cosmic energy of the universe. It may give you a sense of fulfillment, deeper awareness and appreciation of the divine flowing through you. Who wouldn’t want a stronger sense of their place within the world? Plus, I know many of you strokers already enjoy the act of self-pleasure, so think of the journey to self-realization as a delightful addition to your daily practice. 😉