Tantric Lingam Massage

Tantric Masturbation Part II: Lingam Therapeutic Massage

In the previous post we talked about what Tantric masturbation is. Today’s post is all about a way to incorporate a little tantra into your life through erotic massage. In this case we are going to explore self-massage of the lingam. The lingam is sanskrit for “sign” or “mark” which has in some modern tantric practices come to represent the phallus or male energy. In tantra, one focuses on giving and receiving energy and full body pleasure. In the case of self-massage and masturbation you are your own loving partner in a circular energy exchange in which you give and gain back by the act of gifting, this pleasurable experience. During this time you may choose to also focus your intent on connecting to the universe.

Your Body’s Energy

The acknowledgement that you are a part of this wondrous world and on an infinitesimal level, you, as well as all human beings, are made in part of recycled ancient stardust. According to new-medical.net: “The human body is approximately 99% comprised of just six elements: Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus. Another five elements make up about 0.85% of the remaining mass: sulfur, potassium, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium.” These elements all possess energy on a basic atomic level. That is awe-inspiring when you think about it.

Let yourself ponder this while you palm your penis. Let energy run through you, into and out of you. Think of the lingam as your power plug and the universe is your outlet. (To be clear for all you pain sluts that may be reading though -this is NOT me advocating for you to mess with any actual electrical outlets -leave that desire instead for the violet wands in the hands of your Mistress in SSC only 😉 Now that we are done with a little mental masturbation (I think I nearly sprained my brain there), let’s move on to setting the mood.

Going Deeper

Now would be a good time to make sure you are comfy. You can play some music, light some candles, incense, use some edible oils, or lickable lube like Kama Sutra’s brand of yummy massage lotions and potions, pour yourself a glass of wine or tune into an erotic audio of one of your fave Mistresses. If you know the signature scent of your Mistress like her fave perfume or essential oil you may also incorporate that into your session. Set an intention for yourself or repeat an affirmation or mantra that turns you on a gets all the vigorous verdure of spring coursing through your mind as you rub your shaft, balls and perineum.

Edge yourself and feel that eternal orgasmic energy coursing through every little cell of you. Visualize your Mistress while you hold and harness that energy. The energy exchange of tantra can also have elements of Strict and Sensual femdom fetish play so its like not unlike any other sexy power exchange if you imagine your Mistress or do a session with her coaching you through a lingam massage. What would you add into the mix? Some pets like the idea of focusing on the erotic healing power of tantra and therapeutic self-massage. With practice you may find that you have discovered new erogenous zones throughout your body, increased stamina and decreased stress levels. Don’t forget to end your session with a little aftercare by doing something for yourself that makes you smile -if you aren’t already grinning like crazy. 😉