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BDSM Lifestyle Lovers Pt. 3




Hello Kinksters!  This is the last installation of my BDSM interview series. Click on the hyperlinks  (wow Freudian slip I almost wrote hyperkinks lol my one track dirty mind is just a hazard of the industry ha) BDSM Lifestyle Lovers Part 1 and BDSM Lifestyle Lovers Part 2 to view the preceding . . . → Read More: BDSM Lifestyle Lovers Pt. 3

How To Stop the Sub Drop

How To Stop the Sub Drop

After you go through all the biochemical changes from subspace some submissives may experience sub drop which is similar to a brief period of feeling down in the doldrums, melancholy, listless and or drained. The mind, body and emotions have much to . . . → Read More: How To Stop the Sub Drop

Submerged In Subspace

On The Road To Subspace

“Subspace” is  a temporal state of being, during which the mind essentially excludes most of its input and concentrates on just one or only very few impulses, completely disregarding all others meditative state of conscience.  Think of it as narrowing your line of focus like blinders on a . . . → Read More: Submerged In Subspace