Fiona Fall

“YOUR Blog, i really enjoy it.  It is the best of all LDW.” -SD


Keepin’ Up with the Jones

Wow, thanks so much for the praise! I must apologize to you and all my little darlings though, as my blog has been much neglected as of late. Between getting a new pet (and no, not a subbie pet, but one of the furry four-legged variety) and breaking my 5th metatarsal foot bone in what is known as a “Jones Fracture,” I haven’t had much time to devote to my posts.

How did I break my foot, you may wonder? Was it performing a kinky new sex position or trying out my sex hammock? Dancing at the club in heels with my gal pals or hula-hooping? Hiking perhaps?

Actually, no to all. While I enjoy all the above, as well as even more extreme sports both in and out of the bedroom, I must confess, my broken bone has a much more banal origin, surprisingly. I simply slipped (while in sensible walking shoes, ironically) on a cracked crevice hidden beneath wet leaves on one of the ancient sidewalks in Old Town.  These walkways have been hazardous for sometime, but on account of the fact they are on historical land, the red tape involved in getting them fixed is a process the town has been slowly working on.  Add to that my notorious multi-tasking klutziness, and you got yourself  a perfect storm.

Footloose and Fancy Free

So, this Harvest season I already know what I am thankful for, and that is being able to dance again by 2018. Now more than ever I realize just how much work my feet do constantly and have a newfound appreciation for being able to walk on my own two feet. Remember, be good to your bodies so they will be able to be good to you, my pets.  Tread carefully, don’t rush, run and play, and be careful. I know I will be more mindful of every step I take from now on.

Step by Step

My little footsie is slowly mending, and other than being a bright shade of purple, it looks pretty perky, all things considered. I hope to be in heels again by the new year, so I’ll be sure to wear  that new glitzy pair gifted to me by my foot fetish fanatic “Kipper.” Kipper, thanks so much, babe! I am eager to try them on as soon as I get the doc’s approval. Also, I look forward to you licking and massaging them while drawing me a nice warm bath.

On a positive note, I am developing kick-ass upper body strength without the full use of both legs. Plus, I blinged out my air cast boot and glammed up my crutches.  I had the most bedecked pair in the office thanks to my iridescent Hula Hoop tape and crystals!