How to Look Sizzling Hot En Femme While Still Staying Cool This Summer with These Simple Sissy Tips:

*Add a new summery scented body spray to your routine. You can create your own fragrance infusion cocktail! Tango with Mango, mandarin blood orange and honeysuckle essential oils for an exotic blend all your own. Plus your unique body chemistry will lend itself to a sweet fragrance signature combination only made by you. This is one of my fave sissy tips!


*Wear light pastels and less black, navy and darker colors as these absorb heat more readily. A/C
can be intense when in a theater or in a mall so you can use a lightweight
shawl scarf tied to your purse/handbag and just spread over your shoulders
if you feel too much of a chill.

*Mani-Pedis brighten up your whole wardrobe
by adding a splash of vibrant colors that will make open-toed strappy
sandals pop.

*Get a bling ring flash those fingers with a gleam of glam big
bold accessories –also work as a scarf clip hot neon florals & corals are now in

*Don’t have time to do full make-up? Summer shades with big iconic
frames are classic touches to the rescue. An easy and dramatic edition to
any wardrobe. You can find sassy pairs for under 10 dollars!

Cooling spray Recipe:

~There is no right or wrong when it comes to how much or how little you use so adjust as needed~

-Take Witch Hazel w/ aloe

-Add organic rosewater and food grade
lavender. (You can also use organic rosebuds but after you let it seep into
the water for a little while strain the mix.)

-Then just pour in a portable spray
bottle and shake before each use. Keep one in your sissy purse and one in the
fridge for extra cool sensations.

-Mist yourself to refresh and you are good to go!

So, whether you like to go en femme secretly on the sly or all out cross dress don’t let the humidity get in your way. 😉


~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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Twitter: EnchantrixFiona