Feel the warmth of my soft flesh and delight in my sweet taste

you shouldn’t let an opportunity to worship go to waste.

Kneel and knead the muscles of my calves and tickle my thighs,

feel me tense as you tease while your mouth moans and sighs.

Brush your mouth to the ruby tips of my lips,

while you caress the firm buds of my gumdrop nips.


~~~No, that’s not a gang symbol, I was just trying to hold down the fly ;)~~~

You were meant to be my little boytoy designed to give pleasure

and you know you need a Goddess to tend to and treasure.

It’s best to give in and just enjoy your need to be ruled.

Pretending otherwise will leave no one fooled.

I want to feel you squeeze me to you and gently caress

as you bow down and watch me slowly undress.

You are dizzy with anticipation and what is just out of reach

Waiting for lessons only my tight little body can teach.