CrownWhat are you?

Gilded Glamazon or Casual Cat?

Whether you are a daring diva, sassy sissy, cross dresser, or a mistress who love them, then this quiz is for you! Guy, girl, transgendered and everything in the middle! Longtime lover of fashion, or novice femme to the real time lifestyle and going out in public dressed up? Turn that dream into a reality and get some inspiration:

Pool Party!  What swim gear do you suit up in?

A.     Goggles, a sensible one piece and a sunhat –I want to swim & have some sun fun without worrying about anything getting in the way of relaxation

B.     Black shiny latex-esque one piece with grommet metalwork and edgy gunmetal gray sunglasses to hide the puffy eyes from last nights party

C.     Tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses, open toe kitten heels, sweetheart neckline cover-up and of course signature rogue red lips and waterproof mascara and foundation.

D.     Depends on my mood but maybe A itty bitty bikini that has more prismatic power than a disco ball with a dayglo tie-dye towel…under a cute sundress or short-shorts daisy duke style or…


Woo-Ho! Spending Spree! Congrats you just got promoted so how do you lavish yourself?

A.     Spa Day! Exfoliating Bubbles, warm Turkish towels and a full body massage.

B.     Concert! Dinner and a show then who knows will the night will go…

C.     Professional hair, make-up and a sexy new cocktail dress I want to look like a star and shine all night.

D.     Depends on what I feel like in the moment…maybe an original work of art for the foyer, or a weekend for wine fest at a b&b or those new skis I wanted…


Panties! The vast majority of my wartrobe consists of:

A.     Pretty printed 100% cotton panties

B.     Hard to say I barely wear anything and prefer to be as free as possible so I can feel wild no matter what clothes I’m wearing 😉

C.     Lingerie –most matching sets especially French/Victoria Secret, La Perla, or  anything lacey, garter belts, hosiery, bustier corsets.

D.     Hard to say, I typically mix and match and will change them multiple times a day just cuz I want to try on another favorite pair.


My fashion Icons are:

A.     Audrey Hepburn, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman

B.     Blondie, The En Vogue Funky Divas,  Stevie Nicks

C.     Sophia Loren, Bridgette Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor

D.     Myself –no one else is just like me but if I have to pick: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore


My favorite shoes are:

A.     Just like a good friend, comfy but chic, versatile, with a supporting soul/sole 🙂

B.    Thigh high boots the higher the heel the better, anything with chains and studs.

C.     Dainty and daring stilettos!

D.    This question sprains my brain since I have so many shoes of every color, height, style, and material I can’t even visualize them all….

 Mostly “A”s -Comfy & Casual:

Boho chic, Practical, effortlessly unruffled but never underdressed. You reach that balance between cool and classical you are always in style without worrying about keeping up with the fly-by-night trends


Mostly “B”s -Rock N’Roll Rebel:


Fashion Victim? NEVER! Fashion Gansta badass?? Yes! Rules are meant to be broken and you don’t bother with mere fashion statements rather you love making fashion exclamations that subvert the catwalk with every step you take!



Mostly “C”s -Screen Siren/Vampy Vixen:

Sexy, sensual, seductive, and ready for your close up you are a screen queen. Your presence is a special occasion in and of itself and your costume-like drama sets the scene.


Mostly “D”s -Chameleon Queen:

Eclectic & electric you are a free spirit that’s like a kaleidoscopic combination that transcends typical trends. Everyday is anything but ordinary with your unique trailblazing ways.  You forge your own fashion path and create your own look!



So pencils down class! What were you? Do you feel you fit into the category you thought you would or are you something different and not defined and included above? It’s also very possible you are a combo of the types. So would you like to share your answers with everyone? Confabulate/converse/ruminate in my comments, darlings! I look forward to your creative responses….

Cupcake Kisses and Sparkling Wishes,

~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~
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