stroker games


Stroker Gambling Games

So are ya a gambling man stroker? You think you’re hot to trot and can risk the roulette? Well, we’ll just see about that. Fate and fortune are fickle madams and if you aren’t careful you’ll end up coming up short.  Luck may be a lady –but that doesn’t mean I will be. That’s ok though, you can feel free to underestimate me and have your grandiose illusions.  That makes it all the more entertaining for me. 

Stroker Boy Masturbation

Would you be able to  surpass the pass the penis testEven if you have a practiced poker face there is a very obvious liability of a “tell”. Blatant even in your attempt at brevity what you don’t say or signal speaks volumes my dear, that bulge you try to conceal is your Achilles heel even if I can’t see it I can feel it.  I may seem to be benignly flirting with the coquettishness of a girlie gamine but I still “got game”.  Don’t you realize the sound of cumming is obvious to a mistress that knows her masturbating stroker boy?

Probability comes into play of course but there are forces far greater than you realize. Mistress magic can take ​all. What will you wager I wonder? What do you think is worthy to up the stakes? What would you be willing to risk for the reward of orgasmic pleasure? I have a feeling my winning hand has nothing to do with the cards that are dealt –not when I already have you wrapped around my little finger. 

Even if you are a cunning grifter with an ace up your sleeve, I will stir a need that will go to your head & never leave. So let’s play and I promise I won’t take it easy on you even if you claim this is your first rodeo. Just how long would you last in a stroking game? I know one for every kind of cocksure pet.

Cock Stroker vs. Mistress

Sometimes life requires you take on and dance with the dark, the dangerous, the downright inconceivable option. But don’t worry babe I promise I will only beckon you to that sweet spot right outside the bubble of your little  comfort zone, without abandoning you to drown. It’s the romanticizing of risk that keeps you  alive.  Just be sure to keep your head above water cuz mistress always wins.