Here are a few highlights and snippets from a long 2-part session on 8/15 & These excerpts were updated periodically while we talked and I teased:


-What happens when a pet confesses to a Mistress the most embarrassing task he was ever made to perform? In the newly dubbed Mr. Mumble’s case it’s this birth of this post! He has agreed to let me write all about our call during the session. I think hearing me dictate not just his stroking but the very words I share with you make him all the hotter. It’s like the impending public humiliation makes him hot preemptively even though this officially goes viral after our session is over.

-Lucky pet, he just has gained access to my exclusive VIP Pandora’s Box Pics. While it seems at first like a generous gesture on my part, it is really a grand designed experiment for my personal entertainment. By now I’m sure it’s obvious that when a Mistress lets you play and stroke, there is a catch ultimately though right? He’ll find out soon enough

-He claims the hardest and most humiliating task he was asked to perform for a mistress was cumming on his work papers and then having to redo all of them again (seemed like a better option than risking an explanation as to how they had gotten so wet I suppose.) Lol How very naughty.

-I want to make him do it again and take a picture of said papers to post as proof.

…But “Why??” Especially, when I instead can challenge him in a whole new way….Maybe something more extreme for my subpup is in order…

-He is being made to made to stroke and beg for release. I must admit he isn’t a complainer going on and on about how hard his cock is. He takes it all in stride.

LOL silly pet! Always likes me to remind him that he’s just my little toy.

-Eureka! Cum-eating slurp fest! I will give him two options:

No cumming at all OR cumming and eating up his spooge for me. This is a completely new concept to my pet I know, but I feel the need to flex my mistress muscles after all this time off.

Part 2

Mr. Mumbles just called back for more torture. He’s a true glutton for punishment!  Lo and behold he came and slurped up all of that spooge without thinking twice. WOW I thought it would take another week to break him. It was evident from how quiet he got after all that sploshing that he really did it!

So see my dear readers just how easy it is for a dominatrix to encourage a pet into trying new things and doing what seemed impossible? This is just a little inspiration for my wannabe cum-eaters.


What should I make him do next? I want some creative ideas. Shall I make it official and this time put my pet in chastity?


What is your idea of the ultimate devotion? And how shall he continue to improve and show his ever growing loyalty and subservience?


And Congrats Mr. Mumbles you can now at CUM EATER to your slut slave credentials 😉