Spring Sissy Tips & Sumptuous Lips

Here are some tips and tricks from one of my very favorite callers the always elegant and intelligent Amanda.

Thanks for all the inspiration and conversation Amanda! XOXO ????

Luscious Legs for Days

-The world of hosiery is so much more extensive than just what you can find at your local drugstore. If you want to really pamper yourself and go for a splurge try something a bit fancier to perk up your step. European brands like Blueforet and Oroblu can add a flawless sheen and shine to your lovely legs. Matching your heel color to hosiery elongates your frame and the look of your legs.

Fancy Face

-As the days grow longer it’s easy to not get enough shut-eye and spring time allergens can cause puffiness. If you have a late night and/or experience hay fever you can still look as refreshed as a rose by using color correction concealer with yellow and green tones to diffuse dark circles. BONUS TIP: Using a cold spoon chilled from the fridge and storing your night cream there can also help before application as it reduces swelling.

-Don’t forget to use your foundation and primer to avoid the reverse-racoon look and to keep eyeshadow in check. Use your middle or ring finger or brush/sponge gently so as not to irritate the delicate, thin skin when blending. Take your time to ease, knead, massage and apply make-up smoothly all the way to your chin and neck to even out your base color to your natural skin tone. Think of your morning ritual as a mini-spa facial!

For Lip-Lovin’ Pout Perfection

-Lips can benefit from exfoliating and you can combat dryness while helping gloss and color to glide on and stay-on simply by using a little epsom salt mixed in with balm then gently brush off with a soft toothbrush.

-A little foundation used before lipstick helps prevent bleeding and color fade and neutralized your lip’s color palette, giving you a true match-up to the color as it looks in the tube.

-Use liner to trace your natural lip line before your lipstick application. If you want to pump and plump your pout draw the line on the outer side of the tips of your lips and blend.

The Eyes Have It

-Layer lashes with multi-mascara coats. You can use lengthening and thickening mascara to obtain volume and verve. Don’t be afraid to combine different brand formulas. You can coat lashes from root rim to tip both above and then below the lash lines to really make those spring peepers pop from bottom to top! Some of the wands like Cover Girl “Total Teaser”  are tipped with wonderful brushes that help get the full lash lacquered.

-Black mascara is glam and dramatic for sultry evenings out  while brown and grey give a natural and softening casual look.

-White liner enlarges the eye and  highlights the iris.