Let me help you swing into Spring the Enchantrix Empire way: Sex Toys!

**Special thanks to Lex for helping me decide which to include on my list. xoxoxo -You darling are a lifesaver and have been priceless in my endeavors !!**

Spring Bling


I’m sure you’ve heard of vagazzle well now they make a butt-dazzle AKA Butt Bling anal plug! What better way to make your subbie pets look like kinky treasure trolls then with crystalized corks? Now all you have to do is make their hair stand on end to complete the bejeweled ensemble. 😉

-From ethicalkink.com **And that’s right all you play-gurl bunny-huggers kink is cruelty free at ethicalkink.com 😉

Cock Couture

Now while I don’t think the standard, classic dildo will go the way of the dodo -as in rendered extinct, there have been,  However,  some interesting modifications and innovations on the market ( some still being tinkered with) cumming up on the horizon:

Check out https://www.holisticwisdom.com/article_sex_make_your_own_dildo.htm you  can customize your Bull’s fabulous cock to exact specifications with a DIY kit. This idea is nothing new but these kits are constantly improving with each new version. 3-D print a penis is also becoming an option as companies work to find the perfect nonporous, easy to clean and safe materials for dick doppelgangers. Mistresses, you can also make a strap-on for your humiliation sluts to play-pretend with and even perhaps let them experience a proper pegging if they earned the honor.  


“The Purple Passion”

Add a touch of class with glass

 -From https://xxxglass.com/shop/catalog/dichroic-glass-dildos

-Artesian glass is made out of pyrex medical grade glass. The egg-like tip is fumed w/ 24K Gold and pure silver and offers a new twist on an old classic.  

The New and Improved Jack Rabbit:

Forget hopping, this little spring cutie will be thrusting down the bunny trail!

-It’s durable and claims “jam-free” technology (time will tell) with a tip thrusts in and out & beads spin out in a circular massage. 
-Ears act as a clit/sissy clit and balls tease. This high-powered  toy packs a sissy-pussy pumping punch & boasts seven different vibration patterns and six rotation & thrusting speeds.
– Waterproof for added fun! Plus, it has two independent controllers for vibration and rotation/thrusting.
 -Rabbit vibrator measures 8 inches long and 1.5 inches -not too shabby for strap-on humiliation training your pegging pets!