Try A Spring Fling w/ A Cock Ring


One of my fave sex toys is this colorfully anodized stainless steel titanium ring because it makes  CBT even easier.    

A-Tisket A-Tasket

Tango w/ A Tenga Eggs Basket

“Different Strokes For Different Yolks”

Single use male masturbators  You peel and crack open these little fellas to reveal an “ona-cup.” These masturbation sleeves offer different internal textures and pattern options to choose from: Wavy with horizontal ripples, Twister with vertical ones, Silky has a delicate thread-spun surface, Spider is lined with a webbed lace pattern, Clicker has spheres that are protruding & Stepper has notched out semi-circles. What’s more, you can stimulate the penis head or stretch the sleeve down the entirety of the shaft. These li’l guys will please even the most discerning of stroker Enjoy your egg-cellent orgasm -If Mistress says so because you still need permission of, course.


Wireless iTap Egg

-The iTap California Novelty extravagant Egg is  touch activated.  First, you tap it hence the pun name -no switches, or buttons. Then, it “vibrates, pulsates and escalates” and looks discreet therefore, it’s f\great for a novice toy user. Lastly, it’s Phthalate Free! In addition to this, it’s perfect for sissy clits, anal aficionados, girls and gals! 

Liberator Fascinator Throe  

-Finally, something essential for squirters!

-Plush throw lined for maximum absorption and comfort. Now there is no longer a need to worry about your massage oils or hot wax staining your sheets because this dual-sided blanket has one side that is soft and fluffy and the other is satin lined with a moisture loving barrier (satin is also good for you thrashers because it will keep your hair from getting all mussy as well). 



Add in a festive carrot plug and you’ve got a party started right! 

“They might not improve your vision, but they’ll definitely improve your attitude.”

…Well if Hindsight is 20/20 lol 😉 for more fun puns and anal accompaniments

-Hand dipped toys in a  platinum cure silicone rubber that’s heat  resistant

-Cleverly cute design for a ergonomical orgasm!

**No joke the carrot duo is called Plugs Bunny Gotta love that!**

And lastly, Happy Spring Everyone & Stay Tuned For Upcoming Posts On DIY BDSM Toys (for all of you crafty kinksters out there that like a more economical and basic approach to erotica because kink doesn’t have to be expensive. Therefore, check out my tips and tricks.