SPH Dominating Mr. Bonaparte:  A Subbie with a Nubbie

I recently had a call with a sub that I have dubbed Mr. Bonaparte for this sake of this post. He refers to his lesser half, that is to say, his “manhood” (and I use that term loosely)  as Napoleon. The reasoning behind this is as obvious as it sounds since it, just like Napoleon Bonaparte (the French wannabe-dominator) is a little dick-tator with big ambitions, so is the size of this submissive’s cock. How apropos!  Course, it should be noted Napoleon was in fact not short by the average height standards of his time. Still, for the means of SPH dominating, this moniker will suffice.

After a nice chat I discovered many things about this clever and entertaining pet; He is into cuckoldry voyeurism and is a devoted foot fetishist. He introduced me to thevisualiser as well as random.org  as a means to control and tease his cute toothpick of a dick. The one thing he wasn’t running short on was comedic timing.

I must give him credit since he certainly did manage to make me laugh and not just merely from his lack of cock but from his comical character that had me giggling incessantly for the duration of our call. What a  rarified distinction. “Orgasm is the laughter of the soul” they say so at least he pleased and satisfied me in that regard. 😉

I was so impressed with Mr. Bonaparte that I let him cum during our phone call however there was a catch (isn’t there always) *smirk*  self-imposed chastity of a longer duration. His amusing emails went from this:

The masturbation ban that you imposed on me has me going absolutely nuts.

I’m reveling in my pain and have been in control of my domain.  I have not come, all in your honor.  I am so proud of myself.  I enjoy my pain.

If my celibacy results in an eyelash more of pleasure for you, then my sacrifice will not have been in vain.

To this:

 Here it is, Friday night: 9 days post our phone sex and I am finally free from your masturbation prohibition.  But, I decided that I’m not going to masturbate to a pleasurable conclusion.  Earlier today, my desire–which had been super hot since our phone sex began to dissipate!  That pounding wave of sexual desire that had intensified for over 8 days began to recede!  Now, I know that desire will return, and return with a vengeance, but that’s not my concern right now.  I’ll worry about it when that inevitable wave pounds again.  I think what’s happening to me is the work of an angel.  Not any angel, but a very special angel that you may be fond of, an angel by the name of “Virtue”: the male chastity angel!  (Picture a cherub wearing a CB-6000S  😉

Another thing happened.  I read your blog “Why does the Caged Cock Sing?”  Mr. S has been in your male chastity program for 6 weeks and he plans to hold out for 2 more weeks.  And the green eyed monster of jealousy welled up in me!  Why should Mr. S get so much of your wonderful attention!  I am very competitive and not to be denied (unless, of course, it is related your control of my orgasms).  Game on, Mr. S.  (You should hold a competition as to which of your gaggle of pets can remain chaste longest for you.)
Wow! What mistress doesn’t enjoy a good old fashioned feats of the phallus. A good old competition is always intriguing.-In this case abstaining from wanking all for my attention. So cheers my new little pet Mr. Bonaparte, you may have a tiny dickie but you have a huge heart with mistress-pleasing potential. You make a nice addition to my man-harem. The emails I received from Kevin–oopsie, I mean Mr. Bonaparte  also included the following, which had me in hysterics.  (You, dear reader, might not be laughing, especially those of you who I have in chastity.  You may look upon this little man’s plight of penis a tad more sympathetically.  heehee.)
I’m so frazzled and thrown off kilter by not being able to be my masturbatory self, I have been a bit intemperate.  Yesterday, when this chick (about your age) cut in front of me at the grocery line, I shot her a dirty look and shook my head from side to side and protested loudly, “C’mon!”  Big mistake on my part.  It must have been a bad day for her, too.  She s-l-o-w-l-y turned around, looked me up and down, and in front of about 3 women (as luck would have it), in a stage whisper and with a hand up to the corner of her mouth, says, “My, my, my, it seems that somebody around here hasn’t masturbated in awhile!”  She then turned to the cashier and announced in a clear and measured voice, “Excuse me, could you please cash him (pointing) out?  It appears that he must get home to his masturbatorium as soon as possible!”  A woman next to me, about 50 years old and attractive, let out a belly laugh but then immediately looked sheepishly at me an said, “I’m sorry.”  She tried to compose herself but was unable to stifle her snickering.  As her fit continued, it became contagious.  I was frozen in place, cursing myself for over reacting and simultaneously mortified by what was happening.  Then, the manager–female of course–appeared and, with a wide smile, asked what was so funny.  That started yet another round of giggles.  I couldn’t take the embarrassment any more and–red faced–left.  As I crossed the store door, I heard some very loud (female) laughter.  
In conclusion it’s readily apparent that men need cock control, not just desire it. Look what happens without it; They attempt to take over the world so it’s for the greater good of society to keep those cocks little or otherwise in check, chastity and  only permitted to cum under the thumb and advisory of a few good mistresses than so be it!  Tis better to let them hand-hump and self-fuck than to let those unguided dicks run amok and left to their own volition.


~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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