Let me take you on a phone fantasy that will thrill and induce a meditative dream-like state of arousal….


Imagine serene Caribbean blue waves glinting in the rippling wind. You are floating, freely bobbing up and down the sea of tranquility. As the sun sinks into the horizon you breathe in the salted air. Inhaling the sweet smell  laden  with the tang of the briny waves. night slowly unfolds the snug blanket of ​ the dark across the sky. Only the sliver slit of the silver moon and starbeams  above you lights your way. The ebb and flow of the boat lulls you into a dreamscape-like realm. Your eyes hazy with the surrounding mist.

Every uttered lyric released from my tongue makes your body crave more. The very core of you is at once at ease and yet afire with the aching need.


​It is then that an echoed soft voice tickles your ears. It chimes like the wings of cherubs, yet resonates with a an imposing deeper tone that beckons out to you. It’s as if it’s filled your head with it’s serpent like power. Twisting and curling into your mind and imploring your eyes to open of their own accord  ​while assailing your senses in a spell-like haze. Starting by this bewildering and bewitching call you look to  find the source of the sound.

A twinkling light that moves in sync with the chant emanating from within it, dazzles your eyes with pure white radiance. You feel the aching urge to reach out to it. Yearning to behold it. It seems as you steer closer and closer it slowly retracts from view. Tantalizingly teasing you so close and yet evading your grasp.

There you see me, shimmery eyes as cerulean as the sea, wild wisps and tendrils of hair whirling in the wind,  ivory complexion, and beguiling, inscrutable gaze leaving you awestricken. A bemused grin forming on my cupid’s bow lips I laugh with a secret behind my smile.

Although unaware of it yet, you are now  my captive entrapped & entwined within me, encaged & ensnarled by  the sheer force of your desire.  Am I a mirage or am I there in the surf’s crests lapping around you in a whirlpool? No, I am there in the flesh and  I can bat you around like a  cat plays with its prey. Idly edging you to the crux of passion. Entranced within the dance of my flow ​softly ​swirling, around you  into the hazy oblivion of bliss.

How is it you are caught within me and sill yearning for my touch?

You feel a twinge and twitch deep down into the base of your cock, swollen with my sweet seduction. Now if only you could reach me as you tangle about in orbit of my sinewy grasp…..


~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~
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