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Not a Fishing Expedition

This is not a how-to land yourself an enticing exceptional Mistress. It is about the sometimes surprising pleasures of younger Mistresses. You might look at me and think…sure…she is very sexy, and she seems to be friendly. But will she be experienced or worldly enough to keep my interest; or to challenge me? That is where things get very interesting.

More Than Looks

Lots of younger women look good. That is an aspect people can be born with. What you get with Mistresses like myself is something far beyond mere looks. You get intelligence, charm, personality, creativity, and the fetish/BDSM experience that takes you where you long to go. You will likely, at some point, find yourself saying something like, “This woman is amazing!” It will be all of those factors hitting you on a mental, emotional and physical level that cannot be denied.

Experience Speaks Volumes

In this case, I am talking about two kinds of experience. First, the experience that I have with fetishes, the psychology of cock control, BDSM, and phone sex FemDom cannot be faked. It takes years to learn this much, get really good at it, and be able to satisfy such a wide variety of desires over and over again.

Secondly, it is about the experience of being in session with me. We can exchange emails, and talk about a session on and on. That will not replace actually being in session together. Just the two of us. Or three, if we bring in another Mistress to rev things up further. Just as you cannot get to know a person without spending time with them in your personal life, the same is true here. Gather your courage and make a call. If it turns out that I am not a good match for you, we have our call guarantee in place to cover you. But the odds are highly in favor of you realizing that you have found someone who listens to you, gets you, and is willing and capable of satisfying your erotic desires.

The X Factor

Since you are reading this post, you are already a fan of Ms Fiona. She also has the X factor. That is a certain something that makes a person stand out from the crowd. I have done calls with her and know she has it. So do I. I invite you to check out my blogs, get to know me, strongly consider a two Mistress call with myself and Ms Fiona. Warning: Only do that if you are sure you can handle two exceptional Mistresses.

Thank you, Ms Fiona, for inviting me to guest post on your blog. It has been a pleasure!

Call Miss Violet for sensual phone sex 800-601-6975Â FREE

Miss Violet 800-601-6975Â FREE

Thanks Miss Violet for the wonderful post Sexy!