Do You Have To Be A Size Queen?

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

I felt like shaking and stirring things up here on Ms. Fiona’s Blog! So instead of a naughty masturbation blog, I am going to go back door banging!  Now. a lot of my butt sluts ask me all the time if they have to take my biggest dildo to really impress me.  Honestly, the size of the cock you’re able to take in your ass doesn’t really impress me much.  I’m more impressed with how you respond to the pegging I’m giving you.  If you’re groaning, moaning and squealing like a little slutvictorias secret - Copy – no matter what I’m invading you with – that’s a lot more fun for me than if you can take a coke can in your butt without uttering a sound.

You Don’t HAVE to be a Size Queen

Take my subby husband, Jack, for instance.  One of the things he had been told – and I can confirm – is that he’s deep, but not very wide.  He can accommodate length, but not much in the girth department.  When we retrained his ass last year, and I retook his anal cherry on his birthday while we were on our cruise, I got two short, thin dildos.  I think they’re 5 and 5 ½” long, but only about as wide around as a medium sized butt plug.  They were more than enough to get the reactions out of him that I wanted.

It’s All About The Hot Spot

Your anus is like a vagina is so many ways.  First, I get to fuck it, so there’s that.  More importantly though, most of the nerve endings that give pleasure are just inside the opening – just like they are in a warm, wet pussy.  When I’m pounding you, it’s about hitting those hot spots.  The prostate – your male g-spot – is only a few inches inside.  Just about anyone can hit it with a finger, so why would you really need a 12-inch long dildo?  Let me know your naughty answers!

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