Small Penis Potential

My sweet sph pet “Peter Little Pecker” called me last night. He so loves jerkin’ his gherkin for me. While he lamented on his itty erection’s tiny stature, I reminded him of a few virtues of a compact-sized cock. Serendipitously the lovely Ms. Delia blogged about a similar topic and inspired me to piggyback on her awesome post about the Top 8 Small Penis Pros.

In addition to her keen observations, I humbly add the Grateful Factor. You see a small dicked pet must learn how to please sexually in ways their well-hung friends would never have to worry themselves with. Thus, those with little dainty dicklets and scale-down scrotums adapt and have become apt at cunnilingus, and fastidious fingering twat-taps.

So never underestimate your need to compensate all you micro-cocked men! You can excel where other men have grown lazy and lack the lip-smacking skills of giving good head. Appreciate and express your gratitude with ass worship and being our throne for our queening pleasure.

Surrender Yourself to Panties

For the final cherry on top of your ultimate acceptance of sph submission remember your place. The absence of an ample appendage is an opportunity to peruse those sexy panties! You must put the fun in your fun-sized phallus by realizing while it’s a no-go zone for vaginas, it looks so cute in a lovely part of panties. So, go on a put on a cute pair that fits that clit-of-a-dick so much better than those baggy old boxers and boring briefs. It denotes your status as a fluffer for us.

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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