From Kinky to Kitschy to Classy and Sassy


Yule Tree

No matter what holiday you celebrate, December is always the perfect excuse to pamper yourself with presents!

So have you been bad? Caught licking and sucking a dildo perhaps? Or perhaps you’ve been very, very good and always listen when your mistress makes you wear panties & now she wants you to splurge and buy some new pairs? Well regardless of if you’ve been good, nicely naughty or all and all bad to the sissy clitty-bone(r). I have some great gift ideas for ya.


  Cute Condoms: Safe sex is always in season. I love the snowman -nondenominational and so fun! &



Candy Canes -So sweet & looks good enough to eat!

Colorful Panty Collection


Anything from this magical, soignee soaptress is delish! I especially love the Whipped Shea Butter in Vanilla and the Earth Rose. Her handmade products are so gentle. Treat your inner goddess and indulge!

Rockin’ Rose Buds -Ear buds and bling combined.


Malley’s is the home of the best chocolate. Made in Ohio, you can get it shipped anywhere in the country but if you are ever in the Cleveland Area you should see the Alice and Wonderland and Carousel themed parlors for yourself -not to mention the behemoth bathtub of taffy!


Naughty AND Nice? You can flip it depending on your mood of the day 😉


A little nip from the necklace flask will make family gatherings less of a task 😉 You can even personalize the image of your choice. Prissy Sissy is a great image option to customize with.,791254149

-StainlessSteel Personalize



Curly Cue Canes are so whimsical and come in fruity flavors. So very Whoville!


This sexy spanking implement will be good for all you naughtykins out there. It’s starstudded even and what a cute little imprint it will leave behind. 😉


Something else sweet to suck on Heehee

Hand Blown Massager


Fashion Emergency! Here to heal in a compact container so easy to slip in a clutch or bag.


Sexy boots in place of the traditional stocking!



The Polished Look

Christian Louboutin Classic Signature Red Sole Inspired Nail Color



The dancing flame and crackle of the hearth is perfect for those without a fireplace and candle collectors.


For all your hosiery and stocking needs:

-Great site, vast array of wonderful hosiery and they do an amazing job wrapping up the products.

Want to surprise yourself with a gift? Simply  fill out a style profile on


and wait for your surprise to arrive in the mail!