Sissy Panties & Hosiery Challenge Quiz

Sissy Panties & Hosiery Challenge Quiz

Our Sissy School & Panty Pet Class is in Full Swing!

So my little sissy darlings, I have been lucky enough to have been inspired by my recent sessions with panty pets to create a sissy fashion challenge. The quiz below is a fun little testing of your knowledge. From sissification faves centering on lingerie, types of panties, to hosiery and more! There are of course way more elements and subjects to learn and talk about. -This is just a little taste. Time for the Sissy Panties & Hosiery Challenge Quiz!

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you can slack off.  The Mistresses  on LDW take your instruction very seriously and we are always brainstorming new ways to strengthen your feminization and panty pet training  transformation. Of course, we expect nothing less than your full and enthusiastic commitment to our standards.

 You’re on the Honor System Ladies and Pets!

No peeking online for answers. -You would just be cheating yourself. 😉 And, for those of you under my jurisdiction, this is a mandatory sissy assignment to complete (you know who you are)! Think of this little  sissy assessment as a way to gauge your progress in trivia & training. While panties don’t make the pet, they definitely make the sissy cummies!


Pop Quiz Time

So how did you do?



No matter what your score, keep on making sissy strides because there is no limit to your potential and the steps you can take to become feminized. Utilize all the resources you have at your fingertips. Ask questions, reach out, get to know us and each other. Any inquires you have are relevant and you might just end up asking one that another sissy sistah was also dying to know but was to0 shy to speak up.

I’ll see you around the Empire!