Sissy Masturbation Trance:

How to Conjure Color Combinations to Set the Mood

With Chakras


Chakras is a Sanskrit word meaning “whirlpools/vortexes” which are believed to be spiritual (nonphysical) energy conduits flowing in and from our bodies in traditional tantric teachings (yes, they can also be used to entwine energy ports together erotically as well ). Using chakras are wonderful for a sissy masturbation trance. Using each chakra as a focal point in your mind’s eye and wearing or envisioning the body energy point with the corresponding colors, can help bring your masturbation meditation and even your wardrobe a more vibrant outlook.

Think of the following chart below as a template to contemplate your body’s chakra points and how your accessories can be used to showcase each part comprising the whole. Silk Scarfs  for throat, headbands for crown, belt for sacral etc. Feel free to edit it as you see fit. I like to use a little essential oil for my 3rd eye in place of an accessory.

chakra pdf (1)


How does all this apply to color play?

Chakras can be used as tools to tap into your mind’s innermost thoughts and to trigger and harness emotions as well as a means to instill a sense of tranquility to those open to it.

As far as the various ways color impacts us as individuals,  empirical understanding of color’s influence on us psychologically is difficult since there are so many variables that make this more of a journey into the subjective realm of what personally works for you.

While impossible to scientifically quantify, they never-the-less are an interesting means to explore and ponder. As far as fashion fun, the possibilities are endless when using them to play with your wardrobe and infuse some artistic ambience into your day while connecting to your body and attuning to the energy you seek.

This is a wonderful way to incorporate feminization and spirituality when slipping into something more feminine!

Do you find you awaken full body arousal focusing in on the body’s chakras?

Do certain points get you more excited to fixate then you might have guessed?

Consider the following  questions when going through the colors on the wheel when defining, reflecting on and deciphering your personal imbued meanings:

How does each color make you feel (does it feel calming, energizing, enervating, seductive)?

Do you experience a visceral reaction?

How can you harness this color to your emotive and erotic advantage?

Has this color always had this impact on you or is it fluid and ever-changing? 

It’s Not Easy Being Green (For Me)


How to wear colors without clashing with each other or your complexion?


You can also just visualize the color and chakra point in your imagination and not use the literal color if you so choose. Or if you prefer to still dare to wear whatever you like, you can use black. Using black as a base to diffuse the color. For example, I love lime green -that glow-worm neon green that makes me look pale but can’t help loving. So I still wear it but while I will wear a bright lime skirt I’ll also be sure to add with it, black hose and a black shirt so the saturation of the color isn’t framing my face or body prominently. Lime green earrings, nail polish, shoes etc. are all other subtle touches that suit me better than say a full-on neon green dress.

You can use colors that otherwise might clash with each or your skin tone the same way. In touches, highlights and neutralized with a base of black.  So there are always ways to incorporate your fave no matter what your tone is so don’t be afraid to play!

As a Sissy Assignment feel free to share with me some of your fave colors! Our prestigious Sissy School is always accepting new applicants so come on and let’s play dress-up!

You can also just visualize the color and chakra point in your imagination and not use the literal color if you so choose.

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