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The ingenuity of 1950s homemakers, housewives and those in the housekeeping industry are vastly underrated. Imagine though, in many homes, there was only one car per family. The nearest store might be miles away. If one was a maid, they may not have been unable to run errands in the middle of their busy workday. Luckily, there were many tricks and tips using everyday household items. Using what was readily available was a necessity. Many everyday items have been able to multitask far beyond their intended uses with a little creativity. These life lessons can make your sissy maid days so much easier!

Modern Day

Even in modern day, we still can benefit from their tried and trued methods using a few basic household staples. So, in order for all my lovely sissy maid readers to be able to improvise, save the day, and easily conquer sticky situations and emergencies I compiled some of my favorite cleaning tips. In many cases, synthetic chemicals with lots of unhealthy additives are not needed. Instead, having a few, simple staples at hand can solve a multitude of messes.

Meet our first Muti-Tasker:

Potassium Bitartrate/Cream of Tartar

Use for:

-Making baked goods fluffy. Using a little while working with egg whites to stabilize all those teeney bubbles. It prevents the proteins from sticking together too much, thus making whipping them up easier and quicker.

-This stuff is amazing for getting little nicks, “spider-webbing” and scuffs out of plates and dishes. Just take water and enough cream of tartar to form a paste and use it to rub onto the offending chips and marks with a soft rag.

-Are ants coming in? No need to call an exterminator. Sprinkle a little cream of tartar where you think they are emerging from. Although if there are household pets of the four-legged variety, be mindful to not let them try to eat it as it not good for them to consume.

-Use as a pre-treat for fresh stains before laundering. You can also use water to spray down whites that have unsightly yellow tinges to the fabric then sprinkle the cream of  tartar around the garment and let soak before washing.

Fixing Messes and Housekeeping Emergencies is All in a Day in the life of a Sissy Maid

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