Sissy Fitness 

So which are you? Remember you may be a combination or not fit in one exact category which is totally fine –the real point is to just self-evaluate your needs in order to meet them in the best possible way.

Biz as Usual Nosher

You hold steady a habitual routine despite all the temptation that confronts you.

Positives –Your system isn’t overloaded and shocked by the upheaval of the holiday.

Possible Pit Falls: Don’t forget to treat yourself here and there. Total elimination of sweets and treats or being overly conscientiousness of calorie intake can leave one feeling deprived. Moderation is key. Even if your idea of indulgence is some alone time –add in a fun twist like peppermint and cider scented bubble bath or have some gingerbread tea to honor yourself.

Let Them Eat Cake Wait and Taker- It’s not that you procrastinate your just too busy and excited to eat till you are about to drop.

Positives: You know how to have a good time and enjoy the bounty of the holidays and our less likely to get overly-stressed.

Possible Pit Falls: All the excitement of the holidays can be very distracting but it’s important not to play the waiting game when it comes to giving yourself the fuel and nutrition you need. Sleep deprivation and dehydration can masquerade as hunger. So in between all the parties don’t forget to take little catnaps and drink plenty of water to curb the energy crash and pace yourself.

The Munching Grazer

– A little bit of this and a little bit of that…you tend to munch often in small doses.

Positives: It’s actually easier for the body to digest little meals gradually more frequently than fewer big meals so you are naturally aware of bodily cues & tending to your hunger by not letting it escalate and elevate into stress or over-indulging that can lead to upset stomachs.

Possible Pit Falls: Just be sure to try to eat protein-rich foods to avoid going on autopilot and eating just because food is present. Mindful eating keeps you attuned to your hunger levels.


A few ways to use those carbs for holiday festivities:

-SEXCERCISE! Full-body pinned-to-the-wall-orgasm-inducing-full-throttle-fuck-fests are wonderful calorie burners so spread some joy and cheer 😉

-Be a sissy maid for the holidays: Relieving blue balls, decking the halls, wrapping presents, or volunteering locally for a charitable cause are all great ways workout.

-Wear high heels when you do your shopping. Your leg muscles will thank you but don’t forget to give those feet a little TLC aftercare.