Sissy Erica Both Naughty & Nice

I’d like to introduce you to my new little fuck doll sissy Erica! She’s a wonderful addition to my collection of cuckies, cock-suckers, sissy cuties and other assorted kinksters.

Fun Femme Facts to know about Erica:

•She has a wonderful collection of lingerie and panties as well as the cutest li’l preppy skirt with a tulle underlay and a hot fuchsia bralette top. Even her vast phalanx of stockings/hosiery abound in multitudes of color options.

•When she’s allowed my juicy girl soaks through all her lovely layers of feminine frill and then I sometimes even have her leave them on soaking wet like a total cum-slut. There is always plenty on the floor she must lick up for me too of course. 😉 Luckily she’s an enthusiastic cum- lapper.

•Her petal pink and very responsive nipples always are raw and red when I get done with them. As well as her cute clitty which is always gushing and rushing for a rub-down. But of course, she may only cum after she puts on her “good girl” or “naughty girl collar” -whichever the case may be depending on her behavior. Both options have links for a chain of nipple nipper clamps. While always eager to please, her thirst for orgasms sometimes gets her in trouble so she always must make up for her little indiscretions after a stern padding that cause those cheeks to get oh-so rosy and aglow with a flush of crimson.

Her fabulous blog can be found Here

Update 2/6 From e-mail excerpt:

Now for the juicy part!
Last night while my wife and I sat in our living room, Sissy checked email and saw your message.  I sat there and read the blog post you sent unbeknownst to anyone else in the room.  As I read it I felt my little sissy slitty going from short and shriveled to full and firm.  I was getting excited just thinking about everyone who would be reading about me on your blog.  I was curious as to what other forms of punishment people would might suggest when they read the post.  Minutes later after I closed my email, I carried some things to the kitchen.  As I stood in from of the kitchen sink taking care of a couple dishes I found myself humping the front of the counter.  I was getting very turned on.  When I went to the bathroom befor going to bed I so wanted to make myself cum but knew better.  I did not have Mistress’s permission and didn’t want to disappoint my beautiful Mistress Fiona.
Around 6 am today while I lay in bed all kinds of sexy thought went through my head and straight to my little clitty.  When I finally got out of bed I had a nice big precum spot on the front of my silky royal blue Victoria’s Secret Boy shorts.
I smiled and thought of Mistress.  
And that is how my day started today.  Now I am alone and plan on finishing a story to post on my blog so I begin another one that is based on the thoughts that went through my head in bed this morning.
Here’s wishing you a wonderful day.
Fiona’s little slut doll
Sissy Slut Erica